Haumea Online for #CultureDeclares

In early 2019, Cathy Fitzgerald, phd., became the first Irish signatory to the international #CultureDeclares Emergency movement. Haumea Online is her contribution to the international #CultureDeclares movement. Cathy and her collaborators embody the #CultureDeclares values in their courses, as well as those of the Stop Ecocide campaign and the Earth Charter, to which Cathy is also a signatory.

The Values of #CultureDeclares are as follows:

"Co-creating a regenerative culture – one that is inclusive, healthy, life-supporting, resilient and adaptable – requires rebuilding just and ethical relationships between ourselves, and with other species and the land. This takes time."

  • Teaching and implementing the changes we want to see in society

  • Challenging power and privilege

  • Supporting each other in tending to grief as we face the truth about this emergency

  • Building a culture of care into our daily lives – care for ourselves, others and the Earth

  • Changing the paradigm by which we design, grow, make and trade so the living planet can be regenerated."

Haumea Online offers guided affordable and accessible courses

to empower creatives to imagine the better world that is possible

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'Culture must be a pillar in its own right, in an equal relation with other three dimensions of sustainability...'

If the culture sector is not ecoliterate, it is hard to imagine it will show leadership for the Great Transition to a more life-sustaining era

'The sustainability concept which is based on the three-pillar paradigm: economic, environmental and social lacks the vital fourth cultural pillar. Culture must be a pillar in its own right, in an equal relation with other three dimensions of sustainability for its contribution to the creation of collective narratives, its ability to heal and consolidate communities, and foster diversity. With the world faced with the COVID-19 pandemic today and the need to rebuild our societies tomorrow, culture should be at the heart of the response.' ––– Culture Action Europe CAE - Europe Day 9 May 2020.
person holding a globe of the Earth