Living in the home of her Irish ancestors, New Zealander Cathy Fitzgerald is a popular educator offering accessible ecoliteracy and values systems change training.

Pioneering doctoral ecological arts practice and research, Cathy is also an accredited ESD transformative learning Earth Charter educator and an alumnus of Earth Charter International which holds the UNESCO Chair for Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).

With her arts background and previous careers in research science and professional development, she is passionate about empowering adult learners for this urgent era of sustainable cultural renewal for personal, collective and planetary wellbeing.

dr cathy fitzgerald

ecological artist | educator | researcher and student of forests


Nikos is an experienced philosopher and educator whose transdisciplinary work arises at the intersection of Nature and Culture—the sciences, the arts, and the wisdom traditions (particularly the traditions of the Ancient Greek, Roman, and Hellenic periods, Eastern philosophy, and Indigenous traditions).

Nikos left academia to focus on helping professionals of all kinds learn to think the way nature works, by taking advantage of what he sees as the single greatest untapped cultural resource humanity has: The philosophical traditions of the world, and the storehouse of practical wisdom they contain for solving complex personal and global challenges. Nikos sees art as having a special relationship with philosophy. Both philosophy and art seek to see the world with fresh eyes and an awakened heart, and they seek to offer this insight and inspiration to the culture at large, for the benefit of all citizens and the broader community of life. To bring about a more just and thriving culture in the most direct and intelligent manner, we need to empower the arts by making philosophy as a way of life available to artists and to arts education. Nikos offers training to artists that transforms both their experience of life and their practice of creativity and art-making. Learn more about Nikos and his work at

dr nikos patedakis

US philosopher, mentor, artist and student of horses