Week by week

Modules are released on a easy-to-use online platform. These are self-paced courses guided by experienced instructors.

Depending on the course you are enrolled, essential ecoliteracy or ecophilosophy, your foundation will develop for your work as the course progresses. Logging into the course platform, you will find a new module with resources, reading lists and exercises released each week. The heart of the learning experiences are in our weekly group meetings (we use Zoom) and in the coaching/mentoring sessions. The course will include material from diverse disciplines and introduce you to key thinkers in the area, many who are not well known in art education – from ecophilosophy to environmental science, earth and social justice-aligned ethics, economics and law. I will share examples from leading ecological artists to help explain the course’s key ideas. Don’t worry if this sounds a lot, I have summarised this material and use multi-media to make the material engaging as possible.

Further Questions? Here are the Answers

  • What do I need?

    An Internet connection, and a computer with a camera and audio to join the online (Zoom) meetings. And your presence and commitment. You will gain more if you participate more. The group meetings, where we can listen and hear how others interpret the learnings, are the special magic sauce for ecological learning and ecophilosophy. We tend to develop an ecology of mind among participants as we move through the weeks. Please note, 'The Essential Ecoliteracy' course can be taken without joining the weekly live Zoom meetings but the experience is somewhat reduced.

  • What if I'm busy?

    You will be notified by email each Thursday when each module lesson is available. You will have pre-recorded material to watch with other resources to download and simple exercises to complete. That means there is plenty of time to do your homework and to prepare yourself for the Live Group Meetings on Wednesdays!

  • I’m doing my creative practice and teaching on the side! What kind of time commitment will this require?

    Probably a lot less than you think! If you can budget 3-4 hours per week, you will complete the course in six weeks. Or spread it out over a longer period of time, it's your choice. We highly recommend setting aside a specific time each week, after new material becomes available each Thursday, to go through the weekly module lesson. You will also get so much more out of the course by joining us for the weekly Wednesday Live Group Meetings—that is when the learning will really come alive, and you will get a chance to meet new friends and colleagues who can expand the ecology of mind, bringing mutual insight and inspiration.

  • But wait, will this work for me?

    Our pilot courses aim to help people like you—professional culture workers from any creative discipline, art educators, art administrators, craft-workers, curators, government arts office staff, cultural policymakers and interested others—to gain learning and skills, more quickly and in a supportive environment. Based on our joint experience and specific doctoral qualifications in ecological art practice, ecophilosophy, experience in teaching, creative professional development and fostering caring online community experiences, you can be sure that our courses provide valuable and proven outcomes.

  • I don’t live in Ireland or the United Kingdom – advice for participants who live in different timezones

    Check the time of the Live Group Meeting in your region– see worldtimebuddy.com. Please check to make sure the Live Group Meeting time will work for you, before you book!

  • Is remote learning good value?

    Our Haumea Online course tuition fees are much lower than what you would have to pay a traditional educational institute—if you could find such courses elsewhere. Our students have found this material to be both rare and valuable. As with any good educational experience, you will get tremendous benefit from our expertise. Education is not a matter of information exchange. From that more limited perspective, our courses contain a great deal of information that would require a lot of time and many headaches for you to gather alone. But, more than that, we offer experience—not only our experience of working with these ways of knowing, being, living, loving, and creating, but also our experience at fostering insight and inspiration. You will find our courses an empowering investment in yourself and your creative work.

  • All that, and it only costs…? It seems too cheap?

    The reduced price of the Haumea Online courses reflect that they are pilot courses, still in development. We are trialling the material and also trialling different online technologies and mentoring formats. We will be tailoring the courses and inviting participants’ feedback as we go. Our small group intake for each course (15 places) means you will have more individual attention from us. We are piloting the Haumea Online courses in this way to create the best learning experience when we launch the full courses.

  • What if I find the course doesn't suit me?

    Because we want you to be completely happy with your decision, we will let you test-drive and evaluate the pilot courses for 14 days. Enroll today. If the course doesn’t suit, let us know before the 14 days are up and we'll return 100% of your money back—no questions asked (although because these are pilot courses, we'd really love feedback).

Our courses fill quickly– so do contact us if you are interested