Teaching and Learning the Sacredness of the World.

Wisdom-based teaching and learning helps us to think the way Nature works, rooting us in the core skills and practices needed to accomplish genuine transformation.

Wisdom-based learning can help all learners, teachers and performers improve life and learning outcomes, while opening up new possibilities for understanding the nature of mind and the mind of Nature.

The wisdom-based approach provides the kind of orientation we need given the unprecedented personal and global challenges we now face.

The book has two parts: A narrative of ideas that lays out the wisdom-based learning orientation in relation to my development as a philosopher, and a practice section that discusses how to apply the principles of wisdom-based learning.

The work has relevance for all learners, teachers, and performers, because we will discuss principles that ground all learning, teaching, and performance. Whatever we do, we draw from the principles of wisdom-based learning, and they must appear in any approach that deserves the name "ecoliterate". Indeed, wisdom-based learning qualifies as an eco-pedagogy.
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How this 4-session workshop works:

The book will be available in digital format on Amazon. Having it there makes it far more likely that someone seeking a book on teaching and learning can find it. Each of you will get a copy there, but technically it's not a final draft. Rather, our work together will probably lead to the world's fastest appearance of a second edition ;-) Your input will make all the difference, and I value your insights and experiences.

The book provides an accessible narrative of the main ideas of the wisdom-based approach, as well as a field guide to practices teachers and learners can begin using right away to improve the experience and outcomes of their teaching and learning.

We then meet weekly EACH THURSDAY FOR 4 WEEKS VIA ZOOM 7 PM IRISH/UK TIME to discuss sections of the book. It would be nice if our zoom sessions can feel spacious and focus on anything that can help you apply wisdom-based learning directly to your life, your learning, your teaching (if you do any), your work.

I will invite you all to submit any questions you have as you read. I can use these to frame our meetings, or, if it seems useful, I will prepare some audio recordings to answer those questions. If we find ourselves at the end of four weeks with a lot of remaining questions, or if any significant number of you have found it too hard to keep up, I will offer a free extension of our time together so that we can meet for an additional session.

See the FAQ area below for more information

Pricing options

Participants will have a choice of working in the group sessions only over the 4 weeks.

Or participants can join the group sessions and avail of a special rate for an added one-on-one session with Nikos. Nikos can discuss the application of the wisdom-based learning principles to any personal or professional challenges. Or, advise on the application of the principles in specific teaching or learning situations.

As we prioritise transformational learning for each learner, PLACES ARE LIMITED to 20 participants in each course. 

Please book early to avoid disappointment.

  • €189,00

    Regular 4-week group session price: €189

  • €239,00

    Course + 1 one-to-one session


What learners say about Nikos' teaching and mentoring / coaching

“Over the past year I was attending pilot programs of The Haumea Ecoversity on Ecoliteracy, Creativity as an Act of Love and their Earth Charter course. The material we studied was of great thinkers and scientists of the environmental movement, as well as the academic work of both Cathy Fitzgerald founder and teacher & philosopher Nikos Patedakis. They were phenomenal in their breadth of knowledge, fastidious in their references and footnoting, and always insightful. Inspired by the rigour of their scholarship, I see now a duty to tackle subjects I had discounted as being beyond my role as a painter of slow / low tech tendencies who had become petrified of the all-pervasive power of the web. Thus I have become keener to learn more about endemic local phenomena, such as Cryptogamic life or in the ethnographic study of local buildings techniques..) From this, I realise we each ought to better understand the biological intricacies that support us. We need to insist upon such an education as a basic prerequisite for our children and our leaders.”

Phoebe Cope - painter Ireland / Scotland

“I can't believe I have a coach, I have someone who speaks to me about all the things I seem to have spent my life kind of more on my own with. I'm feeling immense gratitude right now. After our dialogue together and listening to your podcast, I feel very profoundly affected. I feel like a little invertebrate creature who's just swum into a much bigger pond. Not sure what to make of it, but it feels great, curious, new. How wonderful . . . A person can get more out of an hour of this work than they can in three years of weekly psychotherapy . . .”

Carole Nelson, Jazz Musician, Composer and Educator

“"The 'Creativity as an Act of Love' course with Nikos shares similar challenges, joy, intimacy and honesty to the Haumea Ecoliteracy course. It also helped me reframe my own philosophy, not only in facing the Ecologic and biodiversity challenges ahead but with deeper explorations into compassion, dangerous philosophies and a range of practical tools. Nikos' depth of knowledge, patience and humour has created another valuable path for exploration. Its a path that offers a lifetime of discovery yet with immediate and measurable benefits.' Tom Duffy, sculptor, musician and educator - Ireland”

Tom Duffy: socially-engaged artist, art facilitator, visual and percussive artist, Ireland

““As an artist I initially began working with Nikos over six months ago to deepen my practice into a greater ecology of mind. I continue to be amazed at his extensive knowledge, and his ability to gently guide me as I work on re-indigenizing myself. Working with Nikos is a joy and I am so happy to have found him to help me on my journey of growth and healing. Nikos is really good at what he does.” DH”



Nikos is an experienced philosopher and educator whose transdisciplinary work arises at the intersection of Nature and Culture—the sciences, the arts, and the wisdom traditions (particularly the traditions of the Ancient Greek, Roman, and Hellenic periods, Eastern philosophy, and Indigenous traditions).

Nikos left academia to focus on helping professionals of all kinds learn to think the way nature works, by taking advantage of what he sees as the single greatest untapped cultural resource humanity has: The philosophical traditions of the world, and the storehouse of practical wisdom they contain for solving complex personal and global challenges. Nikos sees art as having a special relationship with philosophy. Both philosophy and art seek to see the world with fresh eyes and an awakened heart, and they seek to offer this insight and inspiration to the culture at large, for the benefit of all citizens and the broader community of life. To bring about a more just and thriving culture in the most direct and intelligent manner, we need to empower the arts by making philosophy as a way of life available to artists and to arts education. Nikos offers training to artists that transforms both their experience of life and their practice of creativity and art-making. Learn more about Nikos and his work at www.DangerousWisdom.org

dr nikos patedakis

US philosopher, mentor, artist and student of horses


answers to your questions below

  • How much time will this take?

    The workload should feel pretty light, because the book is around 200 pages long including appendices, and the text is non-technical. So, roughly 50 pages per week of pretty easy-going text (the ideas themselves have a lot of depth, but a surface-level understanding will not prove difficult). No online modules.

  • What if I'm busy?

    You will be notified each week by email to guide you on what will be the focus of each week's session

    The course material is also available to access for TWO months after the course ends.

  • What do I need?

    An Internet connection, and a computer with a camera and audio to join the online (Zoom) meetings and recordings. It is not advised to use a mobile phone to take this course.

    Also, your presence and commitment. You will gain more if you participate more. The group meetings, where we can listen and hear how others interpret the learnings, are the special magic sauce for appreciating the value of Wisdom-based Learning

    We tend to develop an ecology of mind among participants as we move through the weeks.

  • What technology platforms will we use?

    Each weekly LIVE Group meeting will be done over Zoom. A weekly email will sent to keep you up to speed.

  • What if the course doesn't suit me?

    Because we want you to be completely happy with your decision, we will let you test-drive and evaluate Haumea courses for 14 days. Enrol today.

    If the course doesn’t suit you, let us know before the 14 days are up and we'll return 100% of your money back—no questions asked (although because this is a unique course, we'd really love feedback).

  • Is remote learning good value?

    Our Haumea Ecoversity online tuition fees are much lower than what you would have to pay a traditional educational institute—if you could find such courses elsewhere. Our students have found this material to be both rare and valuable.

    As with any good educational experience, you will get tremendous benefits from our expertise.

    Education is not a matter of information exchange. From that more limited perspective, our courses contain a great deal of information that would require a lot of time and many headaches for you to gather alone. But, more than that, we offer experience—not only our experience of working with these ways of knowing, being, living, loving, and creating, but also our experience at fostering insight and inspiration.

    You will find our courses an empowering investment in yourself and your work.

  • I live in a different timezone - advice to join the weekly LIVE group meetings

    Check the time of the Live Group Meeting in your region– see worldtimebuddy.com.

    Please check to make sure the Live Group Meeting time will work for you, before you book!